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Cleaning Process

Cleaned by Hand. No Machines. No Floor Scrubbers.

Sails are expensive. Protect your investment in them.  Regular cleaning can significantly extend the life and appearance of your sails.

Our process is the only one in the nation that is a soaking process only. After soaking, sails are inspected and gone over by hand. Next, they go through a neutralizing rinse, and finally they are hung to air dry with just fans.

This is all done without damage to the sailcloth or the resin coating on the sails. The process is safe for all fabrics, stitching, grommets, bolt ropes, etc.

The process totally kills and removes mildew stains and green algae. It also removes rust and dirt. We cannot remove mildew or algae from inside laminate sails. The sails always look much better! 

Covers are treated with 303 water repellent after cleaning.

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